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DETECTO’s New 7550 Wall-Mount Wheelchair Scale

7550_Wheelchair_PRDETECTO’s new model 7550 wall-mount wheelchair scale features a unique fold-up storage design that saves space when not in use. The 7550 easily accommodates most wheelchairs with its spacious 32.3-in W x 33-in D (82-cm W x 84-cm D) platform, and yet requires very little floor space when folded up. The slim 6.6-inch (17-cm) profile takes up minimal space when installed in a confined medical facility hallway, clinical office, or patient room. When you’re ready to weigh, simply lower the platform and the gas spring lifting mechanism will gently lower it into place. The patient may be easily rolled onto the scale, and a platform lip will hold the wheelchair securely in place for weighing.

DETECTO’s 7550 digital wheelchair scale features a high 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb / 450 kg x 0.1 kg capacity for bariatric weighing, two-way easy-access ramps, 99 stored wheelchair tare weights, 200 stored transactions, sturdy steel construction for long-lasting durability, Body Mass Index calculation, pushbutton and keypad tare, alphanumeric keypad, 14-digit patient IDs, and optional Wi-Fi for efficient EMR/EHR.

7550_Wheelchair_PR-2The 7550’s MedVue® medical weight analyzer features a tilt-and-swivel mounting bracket, so the large LCD readouts may be positioned wherever it’s easiest for the patient or nurse to read. Patient weight, height, and BMI are all displayed onscreen simultaneously in one scan of the eyes. For more info on the MedVue® indicator, click here.

The 7550 essentially offers you three scales in one for wheelchair, chair, and standing patient weighing. The scale may be used on carpet or hard floor surfaces. Textured, non-skid mat on the ramps and platform helps provide wheelchair traction and standing patient stability and assurance. The quality is apparent throughout the scale, since the electronic load cells, digital weight indicator, and scale are all manufactured at DETECTO's factory in Webb City, Missouri. An optional printer for patient recordkeeping may be connected via the scale’s RS232 serial port (click here for more info on the P50 printer), while a PC may also be connected simultaneously to the scale’s USB port. The 7550 is now available through DETECTO’s international dealer network located around the world.

For more info:

203 East Daugherty St.
Webb City, MO 64870 USA
(800) 641-2008

DETECTO   •   Ph. (800) 641-2008   •   •   203 East Daugherty St., Webb City, MO 64870

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