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Submersible Portion Scale Advantages for Foodservice

Submersible-Scales_1Cleanliness is next to Godliness might be the creed that many live by as inspiration to keep both themselves and their homes clean and orderly, but in the fast-paced food service industry cleanliness carries a very real and substantial weight to a company's business.

All commercial kitchens must obey governmental laws pertaining to public health safety and strive to maintain a strict standard of hygiene, that is, if they want to continue doing business. Those that don’t often find themselves out of business very quickly, or worse, in the court room because their negligence to follow health standards has made consumers sick. Health code violations are a very real and present danger to food service establishments. It is almost comically shameful when these problems turn into legal troubles that could have otherwise literally been washed away with practices as simple as using better sanitation skills during the clean-up process.

Attention to cleaning dishes and cutlery is important as they make direct contact with the meals that customers eat, but it is perhaps the tools of the kitchen making contact with the pre-cooked ingredients during the prep work process that are most vital to kitchen hygiene. One of those tools that is found throughout almost every commercial kitchen the world over, from restaurants and bakeries to smokehouses and butcheries, is a portion control scale. Although oftentimes overlooked among higher-cost kitchen items like ovens and refrigeration, the portion control scale is perhaps one of the most important tools to the business itself where ingredients are purchased wholesale and portions are carefully measured out. As menu ingredients can many times become expensive very quickly, it immediately becomes apparent exactly how important portion scales are when dollars signs are attached to the amounts in the measurements. Such an integral role in both the business of a kitchen as well as the preparation of meals must be kept up to the highest standards, with regards to both hygiene and accuracy.

Portion control scales make the task of food prep work much more accurate and allow a commercial kitchen to uniformly define what sizes portions are distributed. The latest of these scales are electronic, which increase further still the ease of use for its operators and the speed with which measurements are defined. But in the world of commercial kitchens, which are often wet and messy, electronics can live a difficult life among water and food debris.

Speed plays a key component in a successful business, and a kitchen is no different, in both preparation and cleanup. When the dinner rush hits, as much haste as possible is applied to get the job done. Taking the time to disassemble and clean a portion scale, or carefully and quickly wipe up any spills or messes on it, is simply time kitchen staff rarely possesses. In order to keep up with the fast pace that the foodservice industry often demanded, the portion scale had to evolve—and thus, newer-style fully-submersible electronic portion scales have answered that demand.

Many electronic portion scales advertise as waterproof, wash-down, or submersible, but few live up to all of the challenges of a commercial kitchen. Some portion scales must be disassembled into multiple components in order to be washed down, essentially removing the electronic interior from the outer submersible scale enclosure "shell." The dis-assembly, and then re-assembly process, requires exhaustive time and effort. Other washdown scales on the market carry an IP65 rating meaning that they aren't submersible underwater. While other portion scales only have only three to four different units of measure, which are limiting in many weighing applications when multiple recipe sources are being used. And, still other digital portion control scales on the market carry a lofty price tag and can experience power issues with their rechargeable batteries.

Detecto’s Mariner® IP67 portion control scale meets and exceeds all of these challenges in both operation and cleanup. Submersible in up to three feet of water for thirty minutes, the Mariner® is designed to be fully immersed in the warm, soapy water of a commercial kitchen sink for a thorough cleaning while also withstanding spills and food build-up from weighing use throughout the day. NSF certification means that the Mariner® complies with all health and safety standard requirements. The Mariner's built-in rechargeable batteries, good for up to eighty hours of continuous use, ensure almost zero downtime. The rechargeable battery power allows the Mariner® to be used throughout the day on commercial kitchen islands where power plug-in's aren't readily available. Then, at the end of the day or week, just plug them in overnight to recharge.

For more info on the submersible Mariner® portion scales, please click here.

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