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The Benefits of Chair Scale Weighing in Clinical Facilities

ChairScales_1DETECTO chair scales are a unique type of clinical scale designed specifically to accommodate those patients who—for a wide array of reasons—cannot be weighed conventionally in the traditional manner, standing on a scale. Chair scales are of great benefit to patients with disabilities, patients on dialysis, and elderly patients since they relieve any of the stress involved in the act of standing during the weighing process by providing a place for the patient to sit comfortably while their weight is measured.

The DETECTO models 475 and 6475 are equipped with integral wheels that provide a mobile advantage to the chair scale, so that they may easily be rolled to a patient’s bedside in their own room, or setup in a general location where several patients may be brought to the scale via wheelchairs. This mobility provides a unique and versatile advantage to the clinical staff in a facility as oftentimes their patients’ conditions are as varied and unique as the patients themselves. Being able to accommodate all of these unique patients with the same equipment saves time and effort, invaluable commodities in the clinical world.

ChairScales_2Though all of DETECTO’s chair scales are equipped with wheels for transport purposes, the most mobile is the model 6880. Equipped with four 360° fully-rotational wheels for maximum mobility, this scale is capable of going in and out of places at any angle with the gentle ease of a light push.

The DETECTO model 6875 is a more robust model of chair scale, designed with dialysis patients in mind and featuring Euro type style lines. A wide flat-legged base provides even more stability and security for the patient. Additionally, since motion must be kept to a minimum, the 6875 is also equipped with an electronic weight indicator, which makes for very quick measurements.

The process by which a patient is transferred to a DETECTO chair scale is relatively easy due to their patient-friendly design. The chair scale is first wheeled into position alongside the patient to minimize the distance between the two. If locking casters are included on the scale, they may be locked down at this point. If necessary, the scale's armrests may be folded up for added ease when entering and exiting the chair to allow fluid access laterally. With assistance, the patient is helped into the chair scale, and for added security, may make use of the padded handgrips included on select models if necessary. Once properly seated in the ergonomically-designed chair, they may rest comfortably while their weight is measured on the scale by clinical staff. Some chair scale models include a footrest as an added level of comfort or, if necessary, patient stability.

ChairScales_3Measuring the patient's weight is done quickly and precisely by either mechanical or electrical professional-grade DETECTO instruments. Coupled with a patient-friendly design, comfort and security are ensured while providing the most accurate weight measurement in the industry.

The greatest advantage of using any of the DETECTO chair scales lies in the fact that they were designed specifically with the patient in mind. To this end, they have ensured that their accessibility and usability matches those patients with the greatest needs. Patients who have difficulty standing due to age or ailment are the focus of DETECTO’s chair scale’s design. From the elderly and disabled, to the enfeebled or even specific ailments such as those patients on dialysis or chemotherapy: DETECTO’s chair scales are able to accommodate them all comfortably while simultaneously providing a professional weighing experience.

For more info on DETECTO's chair scales:

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