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Retail Point-of-Sale Scales Overview

POS-Article_1It does not seem that long ago when electronic cash registers were first linked to scales and weighing at the checkout increased the speed of the transactions and reduced the risks of mistakes.

For any retail operation where goods are sold by weight, providing scales and PoS (Point of Sale) systems are necessary to increase control and efficiency.

There have been some considerable changes within the PoS industry. PoS terminals, computers, laptops, and tablets are now replacing the traditional cash register, but NTEP legal-for-trade scales are still required.

USA Advantages

In keeping up with changing demands, a key advantage with US manufacturers vs. ready-made imported scales is that producers can customize the scale’s size and capacity to meet customer needs in a very timely manner.

The Independent Retailer

POS-Article_2Today’s technology brings far more choices and value per dollar to the small independent retailer. From the receiving docks to the checkout, there are significant advancements in recent years for label printing scales at the deli/meat counter, produce section, and the checkout PoS terminal.

PoS Scales

PoS Scales are not only used for checkout areas and self-service aisles, but also for manual batching applications that require controlling the weights of ingredients, logistics/shipping, and as multi-purpose scales (where a general scale base is required).

With US manufacturers like DETECTO now offering products such as their Enterprise® series retail PoS/logistics scales which connect to systems via USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, RS-232 serial cables are starting to go the way of the dinosaur.

These scales have brilliant backlit green LCD displays which are visible in nearly any lighting condition for optimum viewing. They offer ten models, multiple platform sizes, and different capacities in pounds, ounces, and kilograms.

Label Printing Scales

For tech-savvy customers wanting more information, now even the entry-level label printing scales offer features like:

• Ethernet (TCP/IP) and wireless communication
• Flash memory for easy firmware updates
• USB memory stick to back up programs
• Free software for programming of item files, barcodes and customizing of labels, facilitating importable graphics/logos etc.
• Networking between scales and host computer

The Reseller’s Challenge

With today’s customers often shopping on the Internet, resellers find their margins are not what they once were. Unfortunately in many cases, the reseller has to sell at one total price and can no longer charge for services, such as setting up a basic label printing scale.

In addition, customers also prefer to program the scale themselves to suit their needs. To solve this problem, DETECTO is following the lead of a European product, and introducing the “Store Ready” version of our label printing scales. The functionality of these versions will be exactly the same as the standard, but they come with the software already configured. This satisfies the needs of customers who want a product ready-to-use instantly out of the box.

Introducing this option gives the reseller another tool to satisfy their customers while maximizing profits by reducing configuration, training, and support times.

Resellers can still find revenue streams, such as requests for emulating existing scales that have been discontinued and converting set-up points, calibration repairs, and placing scales in service.

Software Developers

Scale manufacturers work directly with PoS software developers and create customized PoS software for a multitude of industries with very different applications.

Industry Relationships

Networking at trade shows is very necessary to staying current within the PoS industry and organizations like the RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association), which are an important asset. They are dedicated to retail industry technology and bring together resellers, distributors, hardware manufacturers, software developers, and service providers.

Times are changing and companies that stay on top of emerging technologies will be able to find ways to excel in the marketplace.

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Article written by:
Joe Daly
National Sales Manager, Retail PoS and Foodservice Scales

DETECTO   •   Ph. (800) 641-2008   •   •   203 East Daugherty St., Webb City, MO 64870

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