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Long-Time DETECTO Clinical Rep Retires

jim-kaye_retirementDETECTO’s longest-tenured clinical manufacturer rep, Jim Kaye (President) of Sheffield Medical Corp., is scheduled to retire January 1, 2017. Kaye’s sales territory covered all New England States for DETECTO (CT, MA, RI, NH, VT, ME). Sheffield Medical (Wayland, MA) primarily worked with hospitals, surgery centers, and physician practices.

Kaye joined the Robert Desaritz Manufacturing Rep company covering New York City and Long Island in 1979. Kaye was transferred to New England in 1982, which is the same year DETECTO was sold to Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company, located in Webb City, MO. In 1988, Sheffield Medical was founded by Kaye and DETECTO was the first line the new company represented. Sheffield Medical’s territory has always covered the six New England States for all of those years until Kay’s pending retirement.

When asked about his sales experience working with clinical distributors, Kaye replied, “My relationship with my distributor reps is important to me because they are my eyes and ears in the field, and they help uncover the needs of their customers, which otherwise might fall through the cracks. Distributor reps bring a high level of dedication and professionalism to the table. They are able to qualify what product the customer needs from my manufacturer; communicate that information to me; and lend the necessary support to move the sale forward. The accounts I come in contact with know that both the distributor rep and myself are there to support them should a question or problem arise in the future.”

Over the course of 28 years working with DETECTO products, Kaye has seen physician scales transition from cast iron bases to lever systems. Later, digital scales were introduced, and eventually printers could be connected to the scales. Indicators became smaller over time and then patient ID numbers could be entered for electronic medical record keeping. In the past year, Kaye has seen DETECTO’s product line evolve into totally touchless measurement for weight, height, and BMI with the new icon® line of physician scales.

Kaye was asked about the biggest changes he foresees on the horizon in medical sales, “As equipment becomes more sophisticated over the next several years, distributor reps and the manufacturers’ sales force will have to learn to work together as a team to supply their accounts with cost savings and training in the proper use of products. Hospitals are now looking past the lower price syndrome and opting for products that not only meet the medical staff’s needs now, but also will meet their needs in the future.”

DETECTO wishes Jim the best in his retirement and greatly appreciates the 28 years of high-quality salesmanship he has brought to the clinical scale industry.

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