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New Measurement Feature on MB130 Pediatric Scales

MB130_PR_2DETECTO's MB130 Digital Pediatric Scale Now Come Standard With Length Measuring Included

• Integral Analog Measuring Tape (now included standard)
• 44 lb / 20 kg Capacity and 0.01 lb / 5 g Accuracy
• Portable and Lightweight for Mobile Medical Use
• Easy to Operate with Large Readouts
• Optional Digital Length Measuring Available


From Neonatal to Pediatric Weighing Accuracy

MB130_PR_4DETECTO’s model MB130 digital baby scale features an easy-to-read one-inch-high LCD with pounds and kilograms readouts for neonatal to pediatric measurement. Power is provided by either 9-volt battery (not included) or AC adapter (included). The auto shut-off after two minutes helps conserve battery life.

The convenient HOLD buttons on the scale (and also on the optional digital length measuring rod) retain the infant’s measurements on the display even after they are taken off the scale, so the patient can be attended to first before recording measurements.

The easy-to-clean plastic tray is ideal for sterile environments and features a roomy space that is 22-inch-wide by 11-inch-deep (56-cm-wide by 29-cm-deep) for babies to lay comfortably. The surface material is kind to the skin and is easy to disinfect.

The convenient Zero function allows the user to automatically subtract the weight of a blanket, toy, or diaper from the infant’s weight measurement. Weighing only 5 lbs, the MB130 is handy and lightweight for transporting to different locations. The optional carrying case eases portability and provides safe storage when not in use.


Removable Tray for Standing Toddler Weighing

MB130_PR_1Multi-functionality is a key feature of DETECTO’s MB130 scale. The baby tray can be quickly removed which automatically converts the scale into a low-profile step-on toddler scale with a capacity of up to 44 pounds / 20 kilograms.

The MB130’s comfortable contoured weighing tray cradles babies securely. Babies feel at ease and safe in the MB130’s extra-large weighing tray. An optional water-resistant carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap available for the MB130 scale made of robust nylon (model MB-CASE).

Digital Length Measurement Accuracy
Weigh and Measure in One Step

MB130_PR_3DETECTO’s optional DLM digital length measuring rod can be easily mounted to your MB130 scale providing a completely digital weight and height measurement station for pediatrics. The DLM provides readouts in feet/inches, inches, and centimeters on a bold, one-inch-high LCD. The HOLD button retains measurements for active babies.

The DLM offers you digital speed and accuracy and it comes with two 1.5V AAA batteries making it completely portable. The smooth, contoured paddles are gentle to infant touch and measurements range from 13 ¾ inch – 31 ½ inch / 35 cm – 80 cm with 1/16 inch / 1 mm graduations.

Economic, Portable Pediatric Measurement

When fitted with the optional DLM measuring rod, the MB130 baby scale becomes an all-digital, time-saving measuring station for weight and height.

When purchasing a MB130 scale, consider adding the optional MB-CASE for site-to-site transport or the Rescue brand baby scale cart for rolling mobility within a clinical facility.



MB-CASE Carrying Case
• Specifically designed to store and transport the MB130 scale.
• Adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable mobility.
• 24 in W x 6 in D x 15 in H / 61 cm W x 15 cm D x 38 cm H overall size.

DLM Digital Length Measuring
• May be mounted to the MB130 scale and features head and foot positioners.
• Measurement range of 13 ¾ in – 31 ½ in / 35 cm – 80 cm (1/16 in / 1 mm grads).
• Powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries (included).

RC33669WHT Baby Scale Cart
• MB130 and DLM fit perfectly on top shelf for rolling mobility.
• Steel cart body construction with white powder coat paint and molded ABS countertop.
• 5 drawers with keyed lock.

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