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HealthySole Plus Clinical Testing Video

HealthySole-Clinical-Test_2Dr. Garey's team with the University of Houston College of Pharmacy explains the independent clinical testing DETECTO's HealthySole Plus has undergone in their laboratories. HealthySole is designed to decontaminate the soles of shoes or booties in areas interested in tightly controlling the risk of infection.

In hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, millions of organisms enter and migrate throughout the facility on the soles of shoes. It is clinically proven that with each step there is a 90-99% transfer rate of organisms from the shoe sole to the floor. Due to the movement of people, equipment, air currents, and HVAC systems the microorganisms become airborne, then are inhaled or settle on other surfaces, resulting in HAI’s, or Healthcare Associated Infections, one of the leading killers in the US today, behind heart disease and cancer!

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