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New Solace In-Floor Dialysis Scales

solace_2DETECTO's new Solace series in-floor dialysis scales are flush-mounted platform scales that feature stainless steel decks and include a pit frame, trim ring, and interface cable to the included multi-color, touchscreen LCD indicator and printer. These clinical scales easily accommodate patients with walkers, canes, wheelchairs, or seated in dialysis chairs. The flush surface eliminates tripping hazards and hallway accessibility issues.

solace_4The Solace series in-floor scales are ideal for dialysis clinics, emergency rooms, and clinical facilities where fast, efficient patient measurement is necessary. The scales feature 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb / 450 kg x 0.1 kg capacity, 8 standard models to choose from, stainless steel anti-corrosion weighing platform and trim ring, multi-color touchscreen indicator/printer combo (included), and handrails are available for patient stability while weighing. Standard platform sizes include 3 x 3 ft, 4 x 3 ft, 4 x 4 ft, and 6 x 4 ft. Custom sizes and configurations are available.

solace_6DETECTO's model 855 recessed-mount indicator and ticket printer combo are included with the Solace series. The built-in thermal printer makes it easy to print out a weight record for patient recordkeeping. The
indicator displays weight, height, and BMI simultaneously with large 0.9-inch-high, clinical-blue LCD weight digits. Push button or manual entry of tare weights is available for wheelchairs or stretchers. The scale automatically locks on weight temporarily for a few seconds in order to easily view and record the measurement. The menu button provides quick access to user-friendly menu settings for scale customization.

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