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DETECTO’s New PHR Stadiometer

DETECTO’s new PHR portable stadiometer offers reliable height measurement accuracy from children to adults. The PHR can be used completely free standing due to its large base plate.

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New Free-Standing Hanging Scale Stand

DETECTO’s USA-made free-standing hanging scale stand is easily accessible for customers to weigh their produce. This 72-inch-high portable stand with built-in wheels features a white powder-coat paint.

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DETECTO Appoints International Sales Manager for EMEA

DETECTO has appointed Andy Stevens as the new International Sales Manager for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) out of the company’s EU Warehouse.

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Retail Point-of-Sale Scales Overview

It does not seem that long ago when electronic cash registers were first linked to scales and weighing at the checkout increased the speed of the transactions and reduced the risks of mistakes.

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New Carts Offer Unparalleled Features for Mobile Clinical Storage

DETECTO’s new Whisper and Rescue series medical carts offer a number of advantages for hygienic cleaning and quiet transportation.

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DETECTO’s New Solar-Powered Hanging Scale

DETECTO’s exclusive new digital solar hanging scale is powered completely by light and never requires battery replacement, so it’s virtually maintenance-free.

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VET330WH Digital Veterinary Scale Videos

Two new videos are available to watch a demo and the operation of DETECTO’s VET330WH digital veterinary scale for weighing small to medium sized animals.

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DEMO VIDEO: APS Series Remote Piezo Tare Button

Watch this video to see how the USA-made APS series can be equipped with an optional piezo tare button to expedite production in busy food prep settings.

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New Piezo Tare Button for Enterprise® Portion Control Scales

DETECTO’s USA-made Enterprise® scales can be equipped with an optional APSPB piezo tare button to expedite busy food prep production.

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New Completely-Submersible Wet Diaper Scale

DETECTO’s new Mariner® model WPS10DT stainless steel wet diaper scale can be completely submerged underwater for easy wash-down cleaning (IP67 rated).

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