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Dynamic Data Exchange

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Capable of communicating with up to 20 weight indicators, Cardinal’s WinDDE software makes data available to spreadsheets, databases, and industrial control applications through standard serial ports or Ethernet. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Wonderware InTouch, Automation Direct, Lookout Direct, and Rockwell Automation RSView are just a few of the well-known applications which can be used with WinDDE. | Software

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Dynamic Data Exchange Server Software

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(11 MB EXE file – zip)

Version 2.19  05-29-2007 – Added dialog for spreadsheet customization, removed dependency on Access database for configuration settings, and separated configuration files, indicator profiles and device profiles into separate file for ease of replacement.

Version 2.16  01-17-2006  – Modified to not use LSRMST_INSERT which may cause problems with some USB-Serial converters.

Version 2.15  01-16-2006 – Added 758C device profile. This will capture time/date, ID, BMI, Height, Weight – Gross, Tare, and Net.

Version 2.15  11-17-2005 – Modified to allow up to 20 items for print capture.

Version 2.14  09-08-2005 – Added feature for WinDDE to be a TCP/IP server to allow socket connections to receive weight in SMA on demand format. Use “General Setup” to set the TCP/IP port to be used as the server. Make sure the port is opened in the firewall. Other computers on the network can then connect to the WinDDE computer. For example, use Hyperterm for a Winsock connection, Type “W” and ENTER to receive the weight in SMA format. Type “A” and ENTER for the first line of the about information. Type “B” and ENTER for each additional line of about information.

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