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MedVue-LogoDETECTO’s MedVue® medical weight analyzer is utilized on select clinical scales. The MedVue® features a vivid 3.5-in-wide by 3-in-high backlit LCD display screen with nearly 1-in-high weight digit readouts for easy visibility. The MedVue’s 350-degree swivel mounting bracket allows the display to be tilted and rotated into position wherever it is the most convenient for the medical professional and/or patient to view. A host of other benefits include 14-digit patient ID which may be entered via the alphanumeric keypad, 99 stored tare weights, 200 stored transactions, 1LOOK display, and four different languages available in set-up (English, Spanish, French, and German). The MedVue® offers a host of both wired and optional wireless connectivity for sending measurement data to multiple devices all at once. | Weight Indicators

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Weight Indicator, Digital, Healthcare Scales, International

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Weight Indicator, Digital, Healthcare Scales

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Parts Diagram: MedVue Indicator Parts Diagram (Having trouble finding the part you need? Click here)
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Final Assembly, MV1


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Manual, Operation, MedVue MV1


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Weight Indicator, Digital, Healthcare Scales


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Medical Grade Power Supply With US Plug

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Wired Ethernet Option Card

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MedVue Mounting Kit (Swivel Ball Socket)

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MedVue Mounting Kit with 3P Top Plate

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MedVue Mounting Kit with 6550 Transition Plate

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MedVue Mounting Kit with Desktop / Wall Mount Bracket

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Wireless Ethernet Option Card

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Detecto Welch Allyn Interface

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Specification Description
Power Requirements:6 “C” cell Alkaline, Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries (not included) OR an optional 12 VDC 1.25A wall plug-in AC power adapter (Detecto part number MV1PWR)
Overall LCD Display Size:3.5 inch W x 3 inch H (89 mm W x 76 mm H) backlit blue LCD
Weight Display:5 digit, seven segment, 0.875 inch (22.23 mm) high LCD
Height Display:4 digit, seven segment, 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) high LCD
Body Mass Index Display:3 digit, seven segment, 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) high LCD
ID Display: 14 digit, 14 segment, 0.35 inch (8.89 mm) high LCD
Sensitivity:0.5 uV/division (0 to 3.0 mV/V), Class III
Operating Temperature:14 to 104 ºF (-10 to +40 ºC)
Signal Input Range:0 to 15mV max.
Transducer Excitation:5.0 VDC
Number of Load Cells:up to 4 each 350 Ω
Load Cell Cable Length:30 feet (9 meters) max.
Resolution:10,000 divisions
Capacities:Weight: 10,000 divisions commercial - Height: 0 - 9' 11.9 - BMI: up to 999
NTEP:Certificate of Conformance Number 13-011
Division Value:1, 2 or 5 x 1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001
Sample Rate:1 to 100 samples per second selectable
Auto Zero Range:0.5 or 1 through 9 divisions
Weighing Units:Pounds (lb), Pounds/Kilograms (lb/kg), Kilograms (kg) and Kilograms/Pounds (kg/lb)
Keyboard:Membrane type with 19 keys
Enclosure Size:9.8 inch W x 6.8 inch H x 1.8 inch D (248.9 mm W x 172.7 mm H x 45.7 mm D)
Construction:Painted steel
Battery Life:7,560 weighments (with backlight fully ON) / 10,620 weighments (with backlight fully OFF)
LCD Viewing Range:Up to 30 feet / 10 meters for weight digits

MedVue Firmware Update - MedVue_Firmware_Update

Show Notes

To download files: Right-click on the file name, then select “Save Target As”.

Revision 1.01.08 – Effective May 8, 2014

Rev 1.01.08 – Fixed issue with Height/BMI locking with weight when lock key pressed or auto-lock occurred.

Rev 1.01.07 – Update to fix production issue with MV2.  Update for new MVWIFI option card hardware.

Rev 1.01.06 – Update MedVue application software to fix an issue with the Ethernet/WiFi option card.  Adjust display contrast to help with the new white backlight.  Improvements to help extend battery life.

Rev 1.01.05 – Update MedVue application software adding OIML Yes/No prompt to prepare for MV2 production.

Rev 1.01.04 – Update MedVue application software to fix a bug when communicating with Welch Allyn devices.

Rev 1.01.03 – Update MedVue application software to fix a bug when option card installed that would affect the display.

Rev 1.01.02 – Update MedVue application software to fix a bug in detecting the SDCard.

Rev 1.00.01 – Update MedVue application software to fix a bug in serial/TCP/USB communication.

Rev 1.00.00 – Initial software release.

Software Update Instructions:

In order to update the MedVue indicator you will need a USB-A to USB-B cable, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a paper clip.

Software Update Procedure:

• Download the current MedVue software.
• Unzip the downloaded file by right clicking and select “Extract All”.
• Using the Phillips head screwdriver, remove the left end cap of the indicator.
• Using the paper clip, press the calibration switch and power on the indicator.
• The indicator should now display “boot rev 1.0” at the bottom of the display.
• Connect the indicator to your PC using the USB-A to USB-B cable.
• You should see a new removable storage device appear in My Computer.
• Find the unzipped file from step 2 above, it should be named “MedVue.afx.S19”.
• Drag and drop the file to the new removable storage drive named “MedVue”.
• The indicator display should show “Flashing S19” while the update is progressing.
• Once done, the indicator should reset and the new revision number should appear during startup.
• If you have difficulty, try starting over from the beginning of these steps.

MedVue USB Driver - MedVue_USB_Driver

Show Notes

MedVue Indicator – USB Driver Download
To download file, right-click on the link above and select “Save Target As”

Effective 7/12/2013

This file is compatible with the following:

32 bit versions:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

64 bit versions:
Windows Vista/7

MedVue Wi-Fi Apple® App -

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The MedVue Wi-Fi Apple® App for iPads and iPhones is available through the Apple® store for download to your device via this link:


EMR/EHR Data Transmission -

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Detecto’s MedVue indicator supports several formats and techniques for transmitting data. Data transmission may be initiated via computer command or operator input and transmitted via the RS-232 serial, USB, or optional wired or Wi-Fi Ethernet ports.

The following data/information will be sent via the selected port:

Time, Date, ID, BMI, Height, Weight <CR><LF>

Time= hh:mm
Date= mm/dd/yy
ID= xxxxxxxxxxx (patient ID)
BMI= xx.x (percentage)
Height= x’ xx.x” or xx.x cm (inches or centimeters)
Weight= xxx.xuu G (gross weight)

ASCII Output String:
hh:mm,mm/dd/yy,xxxxxxxxxxx,xx.x,x’ xx.x”,xxx.xuu G<CR><LF>

DETECTO   •   Ph. (800) 641-2008   •   •   203 East Daugherty St., Webb City, MO 64870

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