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EMR/EHR Data Transmission

Detecto's MedVue indicator supports several formats and techniques for transmitting data. Data transmission may be initiated via computer command or operator input and transmitted via the RS-232 serial, USB, or optional wired or Wi-Fi Ethernet ports.

The following data/information will be sent via the selected port:

Time, Date, ID, BMI, Height, Weight <CR><LF>

Time= hh:mm
Date= mm/dd/yy
ID= xxxxxxxxxxx (patient ID)
BMI= xx.x (percentage)
Height= x' xx.x" or xx.x cm (inches or centimeters)
Weight= xxx.xuu G (gross weight)

ASCII Output String:
hh:mm,mm/dd/yy,xxxxxxxxxxx,xx.x,x' xx.x",xxx.xuu G<CR><LF>

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