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Solar_PR_1DETECTO’s exclusive new digital solar hanging scale is powered completely by light and never requires battery replacement. The model SCS30 is NTEP approved legal for trade making it ideal for grocery stores, farmers markets, hardware stores, and roadside produce stands where customers pay by weight. The 30 lb/15 kg capacity and 0.02 lb/0.01 kg divisions offer you pinpoint measurement accuracy. The bold 1-inch-high LCD displays instant digital readouts. A stainless steel produce pan, hanging assembly, and two S-hooks are included, so the solar-powered scale is ready to use right out of the box, just add light! An optional hanging scale portable stand is Solar_PR_3also available from DETECTO (model HS-STAND).

Let in-store lighting power-up your scale… and your produce sales. Instantaneous readouts save time and enhance customer confidence by assuring accuracy. In addition to easy installation (all you add is light), these scales are designed for years of repetitive use that is virtually maintenance-free. Cleanup with a damp cloth is a snap, and the lifetime solar cell means you never have to worry about power shortages or dead batteries.

  • Exclusive solar-powered design for optimal efficiency
  • 30 lb / 15 kg capacity for versatile weighing use
  • Never replace a battery – completely solar powered
  • Digital speed for instantaneous weight readouts
  • Pinpoint accuracy to 0.02 lb / 0.01 kg
  • Powered by in-store ambient light or outdoor indirect light
  • NTEP legal for trade (Certificate of Conformance No. 15-009)
  • Includes stainless steel produce pan, bow, and two industrial-grade steel S hooks
  • Large 1-inch-high, easily-visible LCD readouts
  • Easy to operate – no buttons to press
  • From the name brand in foodservice scales since 1900: DETECTO

For more info:

203 East Daugherty St.
Webb City, MO 64870 USA
(800) 641-2008


VET330WH_2DETECTO’s VET330WH digital veterinary scale is an economical, portable device for weighing small to large size animals. The scale features a 330 lb x 0.2 lb / 150 kg x 0.1 kg capacity and a platform measuring 36 W x 22 D x 2 H in (90 W x 55 D x 5 H cm). The scale’s light weight combined with two integral wheels and carrying handle, make it ultra portable. The scale’s hold feature allows the indicator to retain an animal’s weight, even after they leave the weighing platform. Large 1-inch-high (25-mm) digits on the remote weight display provide clear readability, even across the room. The VET330WH vet scale features built-in rechargeable battery power and comes with an AC adapter.


VET330WH_4DETECTO’s VET330WH digital veterinary scale has been pre-configured at the factory and arrives to you ready for immediate weighing. However, it can be configured to meet the specific needs of various weighing applications and locations. This video will show you how to lock out certain weighing units, adjust the automatic shut-off time, turn on or off the gravity compensation, and other setting selection changes for the scale.

For more info:

203 E. Daugherty St.
Webb City, MO 64870
(800) 641-2008

DEMO VIDEO: APS Series Remote Piezo Tare Button

May 4, 2015

Watch this video to see how the USA-made APS series can be equipped with an optional piezo tare button to expedite production in busy food prep settings.

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New Piezo Tare Button for Enterprise® Portion Control Scales

April 20, 2015

DETECTO’s USA-made Enterprise® scales can be equipped with an optional APSPB piezo tare button to expedite busy food prep production.

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New Completely-Submersible Wet Diaper Scale

March 11, 2015

DETECTO’s new Mariner® model WPS10DT stainless steel wet diaper scale can be completely submerged underwater for easy wash-down cleaning (IP67 rated).

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NEW VIDEOS: C Series Portable Counting Scales

January 26, 2015

Watch these demo and operations videos to see the C series digital counting scales in action. They feature up to 99 PLUs and rechargeable battery power for portable weighing.

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2015 DETECTO Trade Show and Buying Conference Schedule

January 16, 2015

From Arab Health in Dubai to the Medica trade show In Germany, see the 2015 schedule of events in which DETECTO is exhibiting.

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DETECTO Scale and CRS Announce Business Relationship

January 9, 2015

DETECTO and CRS announce the launch of a joint business relationship to bring DETECTO’s scales to CRS’s network of distributors.

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New C Series Portable Counting Scales

December 16, 2014

The rugged new C series portable counting scales with rechargeable battery pack (standard) are ideal for inventory parts counting when mobility and high accuracy is a must.

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3 New Enterprise® Scale Models Available

September 29, 2014

DETECTO’s exciting new Enterprise® APS series retail point-of-sale/logistics scale product line has expanded with three additional new models to choose from.

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DETECTO   •   Ph. (800) 641-2008   •   •   203 East Daugherty St., Webb City, MO 64870USA MANUFACTURER

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