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(Webb City, MO) DETECTO is proud to announce the recent successful audit for continued certification to ISO standards 9001:2008 and 13485:2012. DETECTO has a long and proud history of ISO certification dating back to 2000 and is committed to maintaining this certification for many years going forward.

DETECTO is also proud to announce that the company is now registered with Orion Registrar, Inc., located in Arvada, CO. Orion has worked with DETECTO since 2009 with the VCAP program through the National Conference of Weights and Measures. In an effort to streamline DETECTO’s certifications and audits, Orion will now be the company’s registrar for ISO certification.


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healthysole_blogIn recent years, high incident rates of infections have the healthcare industry in a frenzy. The abundance of deadly organisms, as well as antibiotic resistant “Superbugs” has Infection/Quality Control searching to find effective technologies beyond the traditional protocols of chemical disinfection.

Similar to hands, high-touch surfaces and air, shoe soles are among the worst reservoirs for alert organisms leading to pathogen transmission. Shoe soles and booties are often the beginning of the microbial migration from room to room that leads to aerosolization and subsequently starts the process of airborne, touch surfaces and hand contamination. To achieve the greatest potential for success of an Infection Control program, healthcare facilities must address ALL main vectors for pathogen transmission. Aggressive action against other vectors, while lacking attention to shoe soles as a vector for disease transmission, can be extremely deadly and very costly to patients and healthcare facilities.

Due to the lack of effective technology that can be used in an entire healthcare environment, there has been very little attention to the bottom of shoes and booties as well as to the transfer of pathogens from these reservoirs onto the floors. This lack of attention leaves the window of opportunity open for organisms to enter or exit any room (even after terminal disinfection) and start the process that leads to transmission. Regardless of other products and technologies that are used, until now, nothing could effectively kill the vast majority of pathogens on the soles of shoes and booties in order to lower the overall microbial load. HealthySole® Plus is the first and only 24/7-active, patented, UVC, chemical-free/green technology that can be placed at every location throughout a healthcare facility in order to reduce the spread of pathogenic organisms. By implementing HealthySole® Plus, an I.C. program will attack the one transmission vector that has been unaddressed in the past.

In conjunction with other germicidal technologies, products and chemicals, HealthySole®Plus is the one and only product that prohibits shoe borne organisms from becoming a severe and deadly danger. No other product can be substituted to achieve up to 99.9+% active disinfection of shoe soles and booties. HealthySole Plus is clinically proven effective in doing just that. Without the bundling of HealthySole® Plus, even the most proactive, modern and cutting-edge infection control programs in the world are leaving one of the main vectors for pathogen transmission untouched, allowing themselves to always be vulnerable to widespread infections.

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TUTORIAL VIDEOS: DL Series Retail Scales

September 2, 2016

Watch these two new videos to learn about DETECTO’s DL series price computing scales’ PLU functionality and free PC software custom labeling.

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DETECTO Announces New Vice-President of DETECTO Medical

August 25, 2016

DETECTO is pleased to welcome Mark Denning as the VP of DETECTO Medical for all North American clinical scale and device sales.

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DETECTO Announces New Foodservice Rep

August 16, 2016

DETECTO announces the addition of Brad Testerman as the Foodservice National Sales Rep to continue the company’s growth in the foodservice market.

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New icon® State-of-the-Art Sonar Height Rod Scales

July 19, 2016

DETECTO’s new icon® series eye-level physician scales are the evolution of product technology in clinical measurement. There is nothing equivalent to the icon® on the market.

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New apex® Eye-Level Digital Clinical Scales

July 18, 2016

DETECTO’s new USA-made apex® eye-level digital physician scales are the pinnacle of patient measurement efficiency and stylish product design.

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DEMO VIDEO: DL Series Retail Scales

July 7, 2016

Watch this new, fast-paced 4-minute demo video to see DETECTO’s exciting DL series price computing scales with integral label printers and 5,990 PLUs in action!

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DETECTO Offers Factory-Direct EU Scale Verification Services

June 14, 2016

DETECTO has been approved to provide verified OIML EC class III scales shipped directly from their USA factory in Webb City, Missouri.

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New HealthySole® UVC Germicidal Disinfection

May 17, 2016

DETECTO’s patented HealthySole® is an effective and groundbreaking use of UVC technology that eliminates the dangerous organisms that cause HAIs.

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