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Pediatric Scales

Pediatric Scales

Detecto's pediatric scales are designed with active infants in mind, equipped with secure baby scale trays or seats that are easy to clean. Filtering features and weight lock keys provide accurate, convenient readings for physicians and nurses working with newborns and moving infants. Each Detecto infant scale is built from high-quality materials that provide stability and support during the weighing process. Detecto offers a wide range of digital and mechanical baby scales to suit the needs of all healthcare professionals, including baby scales that are portable and appropriate for use in various conditions. EMR transmission is available through select models of electronic baby scales. Choose Detecto pediatric scales for dependability, accuracy, and stability.

2341, Weigh Beam | Pediatric Scales

2341, Weigh Beam

Features integral baby length measuring tape, poise locks for secure transport, and a roomy weighing tray that measures 20 x 8 inch (51 x 20 cm) across the flat portion. No power required. The scale as a whole measures 20 W x 13 D x 7.5 H inch (51 W x 33 D x 19 H cm). 16 kg x 5 kg capacity.

243/2431/2441, Weigh Beam | Pediatric Scales

243/2431/2441, Weigh Beam

Features American-made quality construction, a metal tray with white powder paint measures 19 x 11 inch (48 x 28 cm) and holds infants comfortably. A spring-less balance beam and easy-to-read blue graduations ensure accurate weighing. The scale measures 21 W x 19 D x 10.5 H inch (53 W x 48 D x 27 H cm) overall. No power required. Capacities include a 20 lb, 10 kg or 16 kg.

253/2531, Weigh Beam | Pediatric Scales

253/2531, Weigh Beam

Features American-made quality construction, perfect for hospitals, clinics or home nurseries, sturdy and compact with easy-to-read balance beams and white metal trays with a baked powder paint finish. You may choose from either pounds or kilograms. The tray measures 24 W x 11.5 D x 2.75 H inch (61 W x 29 D x 7 H cm). No power required. Available in 41 lb or 20.5 kg capacities.

450 Series, Weigh Beam | Pediatric Scales

450 Series, Weigh Beam

DETECTO’s USA-made 450 series mechanical weighbeam pediatric scales features an easy-to-clean polystyrene flat tray, die-cast weighbeam that displays on both sides (front and back), baked-on powder painted steel construction for long-lasting durability, integral measuring tape (measures up to 21 in / 53 cm), and four models to choose from with capacities of 130 lb, 65 kg, 40 lb/17.5 kg, and 20 kg.

459-CH, Weigh Beam | Pediatric Scales

459-CH, Weigh Beam

Features quality American-made steel construction, fun, plastic, seashell-shaped seat that is easy to clean and a heavy-duty steel base and under-structure, die-cast beam may be read from either side of the scale for added convenience. The inclined chair seat may be mounted in three different directions depending upon user preference. No power required. 40 lb x 0.5 oz / 17.5 kg x 10 g capacity.

6745, Digital | Pediatric Scales

6745, Digital

Features USA-made construction, integral measuring tape up to 22 inch (56 cm), built in battery charger for NiCad or NiMH batteries, AC power cord (included), locking pin, a 1 inch (25 mm) high LCD, step-by-step instructions right on the keypad and serial output for connectivity with a printer or PC. Overall measurements are 26-in W x 14.256-in D x 7.473-in H / 66-cm W x 36-cm D x 19-cm H with a capacity of 30 lb / 15 kg.

8432-CH, Digital | Pediatric Scales

8432-CH, Digital

Features American-made quality construction, fun, inclined seashell-shaped plastic seat optimal for infant comfort, easy to clean, imperial and metric readings, heavy-duty steel base and under-structure, battery powered. The plastic seat may be mounted in three different directions. Serial connectivity for printer or PC. EMR/EHR ready. 44 lb / 20 kg capacity.

8435, Digital | Pediatric Scales

8435, Digital

Features American-made quality construction, heavy-duty steel base and under-structure, an easy-to-clean, roomy 22 x 14.7 inch (56 x 37 cm) polystyrene tray cradles babies securely and comfortably, filtering feature compensates for typical baby movement, Lock key holds weight. Powered by 6 AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter. EMR/EHR ready. 130 lb x 0.1 lb / 59 kg x 0.05 kg capacity.

8440, Digital | Pediatric Scales

8440, Digital

Features collapsible folding tray for easy transport and storage, power requirements are one 9V alkaline battery (not included) and one 3V CR2032 lithium backup battery (included) for memory. Tray dimensions are 20.6 W x 10.5 D x 4 H inch (524 W x 267 D x 102 H mm). Display options include date/time as well as storage of previous weight on 1 inch (25 mm) high LCD screen. 44 lb x 0.5 oz / 20 kg x 10 g capacity.

8463, OIML Class III Approved | Pediatric Scales

8463, OIML Class III Approved

DETECTO’s model 8463 digital baby scale is OIML EC Class III approved and features a 15-kg capacity (0 kg – 7.5 kg x 5 g / 7.5 kg – 15 kg x 10 g), 20-mm-high LCD digits, Weight Percentile, Tare, and is powered by 9V DC supplied by six 1.5V AA batteries or optional AC adapter. The CE-approved 8463 pediatric scale is only available for EU sales and is not available for sale in the Americas.

HS25KGP, Suspended | Pediatric Scales

HS25KGP, Suspended

Features powerless operation, no battery nor AC power required, waterproof vinyl weighing trousers attached to a heavy-duty, zinc-plated S-hook measuring 4 inch (10 cm), provides a comfortable suspended sling seat for weighing babies. An 8 inch (20 cm) shatterproof glass dial ensures dependability under any condition. 25 kg x 100 g capacity.

MB130, Digital | Pediatric Scales

MB130, Digital

DETECTO’s MB130 digital scale features dual graduations for neonatal to pediatric care, accuracy to within 5 grams, removable baby tray which converts into standing toddler scale, integral analog measuring tape, one 9V battery (not included) or AC adapter (included), 1 inch (25 mm) high LCD with 5 digits, and 0-22 lb x 0.01 lb, 22-44 lb x 0.02 lb (0-10 kg x 5 g, 10-20 kg x 10 g) capacity, and optional carrying case.

MCS25KGNT, Suspended | Pediatric Scales

MCS25KGNT, Suspended

Features heavy-duty zinc-plated 4 inch (10 cm) S-hook, 8 inch (20 cm) shatterproof glass dial, ultra-portable and accurate, designed to with stand rugged conditions and remain accurate through years of continuous service. Perfect for doctors and nurses in remote locations. Can be ordered with or without a sling seat, 25 kg x 100 g capacity.

Rolling Baby Scale Cart | Pediatric Scales

Rolling Baby Scale Cart

Features American-made stainless steel construction, two shelf design with three height adjustments for lower shelf to accommodate staff to store records and instruments on board, large top shelf perfect for baby scales and recessed to secure items, clinical grade 2.5 inch diameter heavy-duty rubolene locking wheels keep cart stable. Dimensions: 27.75 W x 16.75 D x 33.4 H inch (70.5 W x 42.5 D x 84.8 H cm).

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