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Detecto's WinDDE software communicates with up to 20 weight indicators through standard serial ports or Ethernet to record measurements. The innovative digital scale software makes data available to spreadsheets, databases, and industrial control applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, WonderWare InTouch, Automation Direct, Lookout Direct, and Rockwell Automation RSView. WinDDE is also capable of continuous weight monitoring, and operators may choose to use automatic stable weight capture or printer port capture to collect data. For users who need to maintain accurate PC weight records for all local weight indicators, WinDDE digital scale software is an accessible and convenient solution.

Dynamic Data Exchange | Software

Dynamic Data Exchange

WinDDE software can connect with up to 20 different weight indicators. Data can be sent to spreadsheets, databases, and industrial control applications via serial or Ethernet connectivity. WinDDE works with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, WonderWare InTouch, Automation Direct, Lookout Direct, Rockwell Automation RSView, and more.

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