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Waste Receptacles

Waste Receptacles

In environments where sterile conditions are essential, Detecto's USA-made waste receptacles keep facilities clean. Step-on cans have sanitary, self-closing lids and are the perfect choice for doctors' offices, hospitals, patient rooms, and laboratories. Each Detecto trash can is easy to clean and comes with free infectious and hazardous waste adhesive labels to identify refuse that requires special handling. Hospital trash cans are available in multiple finishes and capacities to coordinate with any medical environment. Choose from Detecto's medical waste receptacles in standard, wall mount hanging, and step-on can models for convenience and maximum sanitation. Made in America.

H Series Wall-Mount | Waste Receptacles

H Series Wall-Mount

Features mounting brackets for wall hanging – perfect for sweeping and mopping beneath receptacle, equipped with a bag securing mechanism and a self-closing lid. American-made steel construction available in either stainless steel or a white-baked epoxy finish in either 60 or 90 quart (15 or 22.5 gallon) capacities.

Step-On Cans | Waste Receptacles

Step-On Cans

Features American-made steel construction, heavy-duty foot pedal and linkage design, bag securing mechanism, and a self-closing lid. Variety of sizes and capacities available in either stainless steel or a baked epoxy finish (available in white or red), flame retardant, free bio-hazard and infectious waste adhesive labels included.

SWC Series | Waste Receptacles

SWC Series

These Detecto waste receptacles are built for durability. The SWC series is constructed entirely in America from stainless steel and comes in three different sizes: 32, 48 and 64 quarts (8, 12 and 16 gallons). The stainless steel construction of Detecto’s waste receptacles and it’s hemmed edges allow for a quick and easy, wipe-down cleaning.

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