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Wet Diaper Scales

Wet Diaper Scales

Detecto's wet diaper scales handily measure fluid output by weight through a simple, compact digital device. Each diaper scale has a small design for convenient storage with a large, roomy tray for weighing. Trays are removable and made of stainless steel for easy cleanup. Digital measurement displays provide fast, accurate readouts while the pushbutton tare simplifies weight determinations. Detecto's scales can be used to weigh diapers for infants and adults, as well as to measure a mother's blood loss through sanitary pads. Incontinence scales are an important addition to nurseries, hospitals, and healthcare facilities where patient fluid output needs to be measured by weight. Detecto's stainless steel WPS12DT features submersible wash-down cleaning and will operate completely underwater. Choose Detecto's diaper weighing scales for an affordable, reliable, and convenient solution.

AP-4KD | Wet Diaper Scales


Features easy-to-read four digit, 0.5 inch (13 mm) instantaneous red digital LED display, stainless steel tray measuring 9 L x 6 W x 2 H inch (229 L x 152 W x 51 H mm) for easy cleaning – perfect in a nursery setting, push-button tare, compact design fits nearly any space, powered by AC adapter with 6 ft (1.8 m) power cord. 4,000 g x 1 g capacity.

WPS12DT | Wet Diaper Scales


DETECTO’s stainless steel WPS12DT Mariner Wet Diaper Scale can be completely submerged underwater for easy wash-down cleaning and features six different capacities, including 192 oz x 0.05 oz and 5,500 g x 1 g. The scale features an 80-hour rechargeable battery pack, Tare button to remove the dry diaper weight and measure fluid output, 5/8-in-deep removable tray, and 1.2-in/30-mm high backlit blue LCD.

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