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Download Revit Files ( – 34 MB)

DETECTO offers Revit files for some of our most popular clinical products in order to assist architectural firms, equipment planners and construction companies serving the healthcare industry. If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Service department at (800) 641-2008.

These DETECTO models are included in the zip file download:

  • 3PHTROD-WM wall-mount height rod
  • 475 chair scale
  • 855RMP recessed wall-mount indicator/printer
  • 6550 wheelchair scale
  • 6745 pediatric scale
  • 6855 bariatric scale
  • 6856 bariatric scale
  • 6868 bariatric scale
  • 7550 wheelchair scale
  • APEX physician scale
  • APEX-SH physician scale with sonar height rod
  • DC1 Dump Commander trash can dumping device
  • FH-144-II wheelchair scale
  • HSPLUS UVC device
  • IB800 in-bed scale
  • ICON physician scale with sonar height rod
  • ID-3636SH-855RMP Solace in-floor dialysis scale
  • ID-4836SH-855RMP Solace in-floor dialysis scale
  • ID-4848SH-855RMP Solace in-floor dialysis scale
  • ID-7248SH-855RMP Solace in-floor dialysis scale
  • MV1 MedVue weight indicator
  • P24 step-on can
  • P48 step-on can
  • SOLO physician scale

Download Revit Files ( – 34 MB)

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