Detecto Scale supplies a wide breadth of products directed toward patients in long-term care facilities. Detecto offers the safest and most accessible options for long-term care patients when it comes to wheelchair scales, chair scales, dialysis scales, and eye-level physician scales.

For ambulatory patients, Detecto’s Eye-Level Weigh Beam and Digital Scales feature low, non-skid platforms for easy access. Detecto’s Digital Bariatric Scale line adds stainless steel handrails with padded grips for added assurance needed for unsteady or obese patients.

Detecto’s wheelchair scales provide reliable, stress-free weighing for those patients that require the aid of a wheelchair. Wheelchair scales can easily subtract wheelchair, walker, or straight-legged chair weight to weigh patients quickly and comfortably with minimal patient maneuvering. Detecto’s wheelchair scales come in stationary and portable varieties with fold-up designs, wheels, and carrying handles.

Detecto’s Chair Scales take patient comfort to the next level. Each chair scale allows patients to remain seated during the weighing process and features adjustable armrests to aid the patient transfer process. For those that are bed-ridden, Detecto’s In-Bed Scales features hydraulic lifts and flame-retardant stretchers for maximum patient safety.

Long-term care facilities require a wide range of scales to handle the needs of their patients. Detecto has created a scale for every patient.