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Technical bulletin illustrating the peripheral communication protocols of the apex and icon digital clinical scales.

Sell sheet for DETECTO's advanced digital and traditional mechanical eye-level physician scales.

Bulletin for DETECTO's icon scales with sonar height rods, ultra-thin platform, and multi-color touchscreen display.

Spanish bulletin for icon scales with Sonar Height Rods, an ultra-thin platform and multi-color touchscreen display.

Single-page, Quick Operation Guide for the icon Digital Clinical Scale.

The icon scale with sonar height rod provides hand-free measurement and ensures social distancing practices.

Single-page, full-color flyer illustrating the power and benefits of DETECTO's Sonar Height Measurement.

DETECTO offers a wide variety of TAA compliant products, including medical scales, waste receptacles, carts, and glove box holders.

Bulletin featuring the high-tech, behind-the-scenes manufacturing processes of making DETECTO's icon physician scale.